Our Carbenicillin Disodium is Plant cell culture tested, USP Grade Carbenicillin. Our Carbenicillin is supplied for Research purposes and not for use in humans.

Carbenicillin Specification

– MF C17H16N2O6S · 2Na
– MW 422.4
– Sensitive to ß-Lactamase
– Non-toxic to plant cells.
– Plant cell culture tested.
– Soluble in water. Hygroscopic.
– CAS Number: 4800-94-6 USP Grade
– Carbenicillin Disodium prevents bacterial cell wall synthesis
– Inhibits crosslinking of peptidoglycan by binding and inactivating transpeptidases
– Highly active against gram-negative bacteria.
– Commonly used for the elimination of Agrobacterium species after inoculation

Carbenicillin is recommended for use in place of ampicillin to maintain the selective marker bla (b-lactamase or ampicillin resistance). Ampicillin selection tends to be lost in cultures as the drug is degraded by the secreted b-lactamase enzyme and by the drop in pH that usually accompanies bacterial fermentation. A way to avoid this loss of drug resistance is to use the related drug, Carbenicillin, which is less sensitive to low pH.